WhatsApp Taxi Booking

Why: Fast, Simpel, Safe and always Online

We use like the other 1 billion users also WhatsApp to communicate with others.

We also offer reservations via WhatsApp, this allows you to react more quickly and be the reservations confirmed in a few seconds.

Save the following number +31642748830 in your phone and save it under the name. … Taxi/Cab/Taksi..or…and book your Taxi


We always confirm your message.


For Online Booking

Call +31642748830




Dutch Taxi Company is a certified and registered taxi company in Amsterdam and offers Taxi transfers to people.
We are recognized by our blue license plate that is issued by the State to licensed companies.


We offer service to the customers and others use this service also while they are not officially registered, therefore we advise in taxis to step in with a blue badge. These are officially registered taxis by the Dutch state